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We Are 100DB

We started our hosting service back in 2004 with one goal in mind to make a better web hosting company. We’re covering all aspects of running a website including website building, hosting, domain registration, design and consultation and strive to make hosting easier for every website owner. 

We deploy, develop, and build the best possible hosting solutions for your needs. And, we have no middlemen. We own our work and our promises. We’re committed and we actually care about our clients.

Why Choose 100DB?

Unlike most other web hosting providers who rent their servers, we own and operate our dedicated servers and beef them up with the latest hosting features and technologies right from the start.

We have been hosting websites since 2004 and acquired a wealth of experience. We have watched the growth of many hosting technologies, from small Perl scripts to HTML5. We have seen quite a bit in the hosting industry and know how to get things right.

Germany Server

Faster Speeds

We have ultra optimized 1gbps server infrastructure to provide you with faster website speeds. We offer a better page loading time.

Easy Control Panel

We provide an easy Control Panel to quickly upload content, create email accounts, and install apps. You can have full control over the cPanel.

Network Security

Our expert team is on the job 24/7 to block suspicious activity and deflect DDoS attacks on your website to ensure network security.

Built-In Scalability

We provide easily scalable computing resources. So, you can upgrade your web hosting with easy-to-implement computing resources.

Our Mission is to Build Your Dream

Value-Based Web Hosting Solutions

Since our inception, we have evolved to be the most highly-awarded, premier hosting service provider recognized by numerous leading businesses.

By providing industry-leading hosting technologies to meet your website’s needs, we guarantee that we have the perfect hosting solution waiting for you. 

Secure Hosting

Future-Proofed Web Hosting

Our web hosting solutions are built tactically, with the best scalability in mind. Our servers have ample spare capacity to allow rapid expansion.

Build An Amazing Online Presence

We Can Do It Together

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